Yasothon Fireworks Festival


Date 09 May 2018 - 13 May 2018


Cultural performances, Phaya Kankak legend performance, see the parade of beautiful sky rockets, ancient sky rockets, sky rockets dancing contest at Wiman Phaya Tan, especially the ancient sky rockets display, the light and sound show, the sky rocket drama, Phaya and Kankak legend. Moreover, there are more than 30 cheering teams of sky rockets. Each of the groups will present Yasothorn cultural performances on the stage along the road from the Yasothorn Town Hall to the Phaya Tan Publi Park. Thus, it also allows visitors to participate in the fun activities on the stage of each cheering team, see the beautiful firecrackers lined up on the street to allow visitors to see the beauty and take photos as well as seeing the sky rockets girls contest in front of Yasothorn District Office. On May 12, 2018, tourists will see a beautiful sky rockets parade in the area of Yasothorn municipality, and see ancient sky rockets parade from the 9 districts of Yasothorn Province, totally 21 groups. And, on May 13, 2018, the sky rockets will rise with high, and there are also fancy sky rockets and Saen Sky Rockets show throughout the day. In addition to watching the sky rockets and the sky rockets lighting up high, Yasothorn province also provides local products from the sub-districts and other districts that are OTOP products with 3-5 stars to sell products to tourists who choose to buy souvenirs for their relatives and acquaintances.

We invite you to visit the Yasothorn Sky Rockets Festival to experience the atmosphere of happiness, fun, and exciting with the greatest sky rockets parade in Thailand.


Within the area of Yasothorn Municipality Office and Phayathan Public Park,  Muang District, Yasothorn Province

For more information

Yasothorn Municipality Office, Tel. 0 4572 0921-2
TAT, Ubonratchathani Office Tel. 0 4524 3770 

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