Vegetarian Festival

Province Phang Nga Province

Date 29 Sep 2019 - 07 Oct 2019


Office of Phangnga supports to organize the Vegetarian Traditional Festival of Phangnga  Province during on the date of  1st -9th of Chinese lunar month which will be in period of October at the shrines in Phangnga  Province. During on the Vegetarian Festival, there will be rituals according to belief such as the ceremony of the fire walking, the ceremony of offering sacrifices to 7 stars of each day, the ceremony to exorcise for fortune, the ceremony of procession of inviting the Buddha Image for being paid respect around the city along the roads for blessing the villagers to stay happy forever, the activity for being full with merit and full with vegetarian food 9 baht 99 menus


Shrines in Phangnga Province

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