Vegetarian Festival Chanthaburi City

Province Chanthaburi Province

Date 29 Sep 2019 - 07 Oct 2019


The ceremony of inviting the lantern of heaven to the dragon pillar, until on the date of 15th there will be the ceremony of Loi Kra Thong- mercy for creatures in order to invite Sambhavesi , on the date of 16th there will be the ceremony of the name of Chinese and Vietnamese custom (Thing Kra Jat), and on the date of 17th there will be the ceremony of the light waving rite of candle-lotus to invite Kiew Ouang Huk Chow back to the divine place


Buan Heng Je Tua (Khet Temple) and Meng Ngi Je Tua (Sawang Katanyu Association), Chanthaburi Province

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Office of TAT Chanthaburi Telephone No.:   0 3842 7667 ,0 3842 8750

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