Tradition of paying respect to 9 shrines, Samut Sakhon Vegetarian Festival

Province Samut Sakhon Province

Date 29 Sep 2019 - 07 Oct 2019


9 Shrines in Samut Sakhon Province, namely, Samut Sakhon Shrine of the City-God, Samut Sakhon Charity Foundation Vegetarian Building, Pun Thao Kong Shrine of Mahachai Canal, One thousand hands Goddess of Mercy of Chak Canal, Chui Buai Nia Goddess Shrine, Cheng Hiang Tua Vegetarian Building, Kuan Ou God Shrine, Pun Thao Kong Shrine of Chalom Pier and Kuan Im Bodhisattva


The Event of Vegetarian food festival prepared for selling in more than 50 shops, and please come to pay respecting to 9 shrines in the province for fortune

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Office of TAT Samut Songkhram                                  Telephone No.:  0 3475 2847-8

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