Tradition of Chun La Ka Thin, Thap Khlai Temple

Province Uthai Thani Province

Date 26 Oct 2019 - 27 Oct 2019


An Activity linked from the way of life of weaving of Uthai Thai people which has been caused by collaraboration of the community to offer to the monks in the period of a  goodness festival of Chun La Ka Thin of Thap Khlai community villagers that still hold Chun La Ka Thin Tradition, a process of making the cloth of Chun La Ka Thin must be completed within 1 day, starting from the stage of collecting the cotton, eiw deed lor khen pia kwak han huke sueb huk kang tum, sewing, dyeing, washing and ironing, there is an activity of making Khao Kra Ya Sat Thip (a Thai sweet made of rice), an activity of a procession of cotton flowers, a ceremony of collecting the cotton flowers, weaving  Chun La Ka Thin clothes, Theh Wo food offering to Buddhist monks/Chun La Ka Thin cloth offering to Buddhist monks


Thap Khlai Temple, Thap Luang Sub-district, Ban Rai District, Uthai Thani Province 

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