Songkran Festival 2018 (Lanna Songkran Festival) 


Date 12 Apr 2018 - 15 Apr 2018


Songkran Festival 2018 (Lanna Songkran Festival) 

Date 12-15 April 2018 

Venue Three Kings Monument, Tha Pae Gate, Wat Phra Sing Waramahavihan, Chiang Mai


Lanna New Year or Lanna Songkran Festival starts on 13 April, which is called “Sang Khan Long Day”, that the northern people consider as the last day of the passing year. In the morning of this day, people light firecrackers as they believe that it dispels the badness. In the evening, there is the grand merit ceremony, the procession of Buddha image of the province, which Thai and foreigners gathers together to experience it for good deeds and enjoyment. On 14 April, or “Nao Day”, abuse, reproaches, and blames are prohibited on this day since it will result as the bad year. “Phaya Wan Day” or “The day to begin the new year” (Tha Lueng Sok), is on 15 April which people go to the temple, give alms, and listen to sermon in the afternoon. On 16 April, “Pak Pee Day”, everyone goes to pour water on the abbot’s and the adults’ hands for apology. On 17 April, “Wan Pak Duen” which is the last day of Songkran Festival, people sweep themselves in order to push away the bad luck. This is very unique in the north or Lanna. 


Activities -Join the bathing procession of “Phra Buddha Sihing”, the long-history sacred Buddha image of Chiang Mai and Lanna, sand carrying and Mai Kum Sali procession (Sali means Bhodi Tree). 

-Mr. and Miss Songkran Contest 

-Sand castle building 

-Local Mmarket, traditional dessert demonstration such as Ka Nhom Tian (Stuffed Dough Pyramid Dessert), Khao Tom Mat (Bananas with Sticky Rice), and Ka Nhom Pad 

-Traditional dance 


Three Kings Monument, Tha Pae Gate, Wat Phra Sing Waramahavihan, Chiang Mai

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