Poi Loen Sib Ed Tradition (Tradition which is a part of the end of Buddhist Lent)

Province Mae Hong Son Province

Date 09 Oct 2019 - 21 Oct 2019


This is a tradition according to the belief of Thai-Yai people in the period of the end of Buddhist Lent, the villagers will invent Chong Phara (palace for welcoming the Lord Buddha) and decorate the houses to to show a welcoming  the Lord Buddha proceeding from the heaven of Dao Wa Dueng Level back to world, such festival is detailed as follows: an activity of Chong Phara Procession " simulated wooden castle" decorated with various colored paper, banana shoots, lamp furnished beautifully, a contest of  Chong Phara, Ging Ka La Bird (mythical creature: a bird with human head) Dance Contest, a dance contest of a posture of bipedal, quadruped creatures in literature, a ceremony of Theh Wo Ro Ha Na food offering to Buddhist monks at Doi Kong Mu Temple on the end of Buddhist Lent Day.


Mueang District 

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