Pattaya City Vegetarian Festival

Province Chonburi Province

Date 28 Sep 2019 - 08 Oct 2019


Dress up with white clothes to join a procession to invite the good of heaven and earth (Cheng Te Ti) and to                invite “Kiew Ouang Huk Chow” and Bodhisattvas to dwell at Sawang Boribun Vegetarian Building, after that the temple nearby will conduct the ceremony of chanting, the joss stick walking, the ceremony of Loi Kra Thong to apologize Goddess of Water, the ceremony to worship Sambhavesi, the ceremony of the name of Chinese and Vietnamese custom (Thing Kra Jat) and burn the offerings for  giving to Kiew Ouang Huk Chow” and Bodhisattvas


Sawang Boribun Foundation, Na Kluea District, Chon Buri Province

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