Nakhon Phanom Lai Ruea Fai (Illuminated Boat Procession) Tradition, Annual Festival for the year 2019

Province Nakhon Phanom Province

Date 06 Oct 2019 - 14 Oct 2019


Watch a marvelous, Illuminated Boat Procession over the Mekong River,  join in Pha Khao Lang (having dinner) event, the floating of the Illuminated Boat to get rid of bad luck and ask for a blessing, watch the booths selling various products, OTOP products  and performances of folk art and culture, and don't miss out on watching a ceremony of an amazing and gorgeous dancing to worship Phra That Phanom (the Lord Buddh's relics) by 8 tribes 2 races of Nakhon Phanom people 


City Hall of Nakhon Phanom Province and the area along riverside of Mae Khong River, Sunthonwichit Road, Town Municipaliity Zone

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