Lotus Flower-receiving Tradition

Province Samut Prakan Province

Date 09 Oct 2019 - 12 Oct 2019


Lotus Flower -receiving Tradition originated from Phra Pradaeng Mon people who went to farm during the rice farming season at Bang Phli District, and when the farming season ended then they went back to Phra Pradaeng which it was the same time as the festival of ending the Buddhist Lent; therefore, they collected many lotus flowers at Bang Phli Yai Sub-district to bring back away as well. Later, Bang Phli District people considered that Mon people always collected lotus flowers and brought them back away every year; therefore, they kept the lotus flowers prepared with generosity. At the beginning, lotus flowers were given by hand, after that they became more familiar, so threw the lotus flowers at each other if they were far away from each other. Later, the villagers who had a favor to offer the lotus flowers to Buddhist monks at the end of Buddhist Lent day, then created an activity of Lotus-receiving Tradition in order to remember each other and be an opportunity to make merit, and also being a part of having fun together every year.


Sam Rong Canal, in front of Bang Phli Yai Temple in the area of the Office of Bang Phli District  

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