Long Boat Race Tradition of Ban Kong Temple

Province Lamphun Province

Date 05 Oct 2019 - 05 Oct 2019


Long Boat Race Tradition is the cultural heritage reflecting the lives binding upon the water line, boats and people on the basis of harmony, unison and unanimity of people in community,  Long Boat Race Tradition which has been often held at the same time with the merit making on the festival of ending of the Buddhist Lent, ceremony of presenting yellow robes to the Buddhist monks at the end of the Buddhist Lent, offering robes to Buddhist priests at monastery, this Long Boat Race Tradition is an old sport game that dates back to the period of ancient Ayutthaya city and it was popular game for playing in the palace and in the community for ordinary people as appeared in the Royal Law concerning the Royal Ceremonies which have been regularly held every year.


Waterfront behind Wat Ban Kong School, Mueang District  

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