Candle parade in Korat


Date 26 Jul 2018 - 28 Jul 2018


Korat Candle Festival
Korat candle festival 2018 is one of the prides of NakonRatchasima people who cooperatively create religious ceremony on 26-28 July 2018 at municipal stadium, Chok Chai subdistrict,Chok Chai district around Prom That courtyard,Pimai municipality district, Pimai district and around Suranaree monument, Muang district, NakonRatchasima province.

Begin with candle festival at Chok Chai district on 26 July 2018, there are candle procession contest (start at 13.00 P.M.) and sightseeing lent candle molding, Chok Chai noodle contest which has uniqueness of Chok Chai noodle with softness and deliciousness. Watch many performances and entertainments at night including candle procession of the award winners and many more activities.

Moreover, there is the candle festival in Pimai district on 26 July 2018 at Prom That courtyard, municipality of Pimai district. You will be interested in watching candle procession contest, lent candle molding, OTOP sales, local food in the night until at the morning of 27 July 2018. You can see the beauty of candle procession of the award winners and many performances and entertainments throughout the festival. 

After having the winners of candle procession from both districts, the winners and their procession will gather at Suranaree monument,Muang district to participate the huge festival. Korat candle festival 2018 will be held on 27-28 of July 2018. For lent candle contest, it is the royal grace of Her Royal Highness Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn to grant awards to the winners every year. Witness the magnificence of candle that each were made by diligent and effort of skillful candle craftsmen who create and carve beautiful candle. It is said that their skills are second to none. 

The types of candle contest are divided into 2 types which are A and B (candle procession on 27 July 2018 at 13.00 P.M. - 18.00 P.M. at Suranaree monument) together with thirty huge procession on 28 July 2018 starting at 09.00 A.M. The procession will be around Korat city about 7 km.
There are award announcement and light and sound candle procession performance in the topic of “Vessantara grant two son to Chu Chok” at 18.00 P.M. Besides, there are Pong Lang concert and Kong river culture exchange performance.  Witness candle carved into twelve Zodiac, make merit on birthday buddha image for life fortune, buy OTOP products, and visit famous restaurants in Korat. 


The field in front of Nakhon Ratchasrima City Hall and the road round the monument of Thao Suranaree, Amphoe Mueang, Nakhon Ratchasrima

For more information

Nakhon Ratchasrima municipality, Division of Education tel: 0 4423 4763

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