Province Bangkok

Date 10 Aug 2019 - 12 Aug 2019

When ordinary material meet the creative process by hand it becomes a cool craft like on one else before !


Tourism Authority of Thailand Invitation to visit "Amazing Premium Crafts"
Various types of hand-made products from various provinces in a cool atmosphere with Michelin star restaurants and shows from your favorite artists.

Meet the first 6 highlight products in “Masterpiece Crafts Zone : The creation of Thai craftsmanship bythe arts master ” . Indulge the moment of the creative arts. For anyone who likes arts and craft products,thereare plenty of craft products in “Amazing Premium Crafts” that you don’t want to miss!

Inspired by Sri Satchanalaiera. They’re the perfect combination of Sukhyothaiand modern Thai styles. These accessories are modified for you to wear in an everyday lifestyle.

“LipaoCraft Naparat”, wickerwork from Nakhon Ratchasrima. The patterns is inherited from Narapat’sancestors and also modified for everyday lifestyle.

For those who are looking for fine pottery , “Baan din morn” are available for an multi-purpose pottery with modern Thai style.


Handicrafts of the Southern are inspired from colorful beads from Manorahcostume. Arises from the need to inherit culture become an internationally recognized product.

“Primpreawa”,creating value for Thai preawasilk by design for the everyday wear clothes. Unique and trendy.

Inspired by a shadow play ofthe South. Shadow art became handicrafts that carry the pride of the South. There are many Southern items which may be to your liking.



At Museum Siam, Bangkok

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